What People Are Saying

Wilbur F. on Yelp:

I have worked with Cay Patten off and on now for about 7 years, off and on because I no longer live in New York. To prepare for certain roles, I still make the trip back to the City for private coaching with Cay. I have a fairly deep resume in film and television, and I have worked with several acting coaches over my long career. From the first day I began working with Cay, I realized her approach would take my work to a higher level. She works so specifically, like a fine surgeon, to solve problems you are having in your work. Her combination of intelligence and integrity in this business places her in a very select group of acting teachers.

Shira G. on Yelp:

My time with Cay without exaggeration, changed my life.  So many teachers in this city will name drop and try to direct you or verbally break you down so that you can be vulnerable.  Cay does none of these useless things.  Cay taught me to use myself, because when it comes down to it, that’s the only person I have when working on a job.  She is hands down the reason I booked a Broadway show out of an open call.

Athena M. on Facebook:

I have studied with Cay for more than 7 years and have found a wonderful creative ally that has patiently brought me through a process of development from a very green/ unskilled actor to one who works and feels strong in technique.

The city is full of acting teachers who will not challenge actors and therefore the actors do not progress in their work. Cay will not let this happen. She tailors each student’s study individually for the next thing they need to address in their work, there is not cookie cutter curriculum and this is why the classes work for the greenest actor to the most seasoned. If you value honesty and finding your unique stamp to bring to a role, Cay is your woman. She helps actors find what only they can bring to the work, and this makes the work quite powerful. She is not for those who want to be babied and praised for laziness or mediocre work. I have done many private coachings with Cay and have always found them great experiences. She is so helpful, generous and supportive and you will always feel stronger going into an audition after spending time with her. I also recommend the audition class, on-camera class, body dynamics class, voice class, and the summer workshops Cay does with Melissa Smith.

Perri Y. on Facebook:

The best, hands down.

Molly R. on Facebook:

Such great, practical training. After the audition technique class I nailed not only auditions but every job interview as well. Must take!

Joceyln R. on Yelp:

I began training at the Caymichael Patten Studio over a year ago and the knowledge and skill I have acquired during this time has changed my life.  I have supplemented my scene study class with the drill and vocal technique classes and my instrument has opened up and centered itself immensely.  None of this would have been possible without Cay’s ability to help the actor find the way in to the material. Words just can’t do justice to her breadth of understanding of plays, character/relationship dynamics, accessing one’s true emotional state & connecting to one’s breath.  She has cultivated so many performers that she knows when to push you to the next level and when to hold back and let you find it for yourself.  She teaches you how to work on your own, so you can always do your best work even in poor conditions. I really appreciate her organic approach to the material – so I can discover and play it how I connect to it, rather than just playing words.  The work starts living under Cay’s guidance.  If you come with a hard work ethic and the desire to give your all, even when you feel stuck, Cay can grow you into a stellar actor.

Fred C. Waggoner teaches a powerful drill class.  He has selected the effective elements from many different techniques and leaves out the one’s that don’t work.  If you trust him, he can tune your instrument into a strad.

James D. on Yelp:

I started studying with Cay about three or four years ago, and when I’m in town, I’m in class.

I have studied a number of places, and I always felt that the teacher was pushing his own ego-driven agenda — which was some version of “just invest in my technique, and I will make you a better actor… but if you’re not working in exactly the way I tell you, you’ll never be any good.”

I really feel that Cay’s work is student-centered, and that I have become a much better actor during my time with her. And I’ve witnessed a lot of other people doing the same. … I love every minute I spend in that studio, and I’m so lucky to have found her.

Blake H. on Yelp:

I worked with Cay in the Advanced class for about a year and a half. I also had occasion to observe her work in the Intermediate Class. As an actor and as an acting teacher – at Yale and SMU – I look to Cay as a mentor and an inspiration. Clear, concise, focused, and caring, Cay worked to bring out the best in every actor she encountered. I saw already accomplished actors grow in her class, and I felt I learned so much as both an actor and a teacher. Her classes are concentrated and she works with EVERY actor at every session. She talks with actors at their level – right where they are. I also worked with Fred Waggoner in the drill class and felt he was the just the right blend of supportive coach and drill sergeant ! I would encourage any serious-minded actor to talk with Cay. I’ve recommended many friends to the studio, and have never know any of them to be anything other than enthusiastic about her work.

Tom W. on Yelp:

Incredible work being done in this studio. I came here as a working actor looking to improve on my craft, which at the time was feeling a bit stale. Cay spent a few sessions just observing my work, at times providing minor adjustments. About the third or fourth class she really started challenging me, pushing me to break out of old habits. Her observations and adjustments have really gone a long way in helping my to understand the kind of work I need to do on my own and how to make the best of time spent with a partner. She is a master of specificity and “for-reals” listening and responding. I think more than anything, I have benefited from her ability to help an actor create deeply personal connections to other people or objects onstage. It sounds corny, but after two months with Cay I had booked two consecutive gigs here in NYC.

Alanna T. on Yelp:

Cay has an incredible ability to work with actors of all styles and methods and communicates with each in a way that resonates – so it’s a fantastic studio for all levels. She’s taught me how to really use myself to put my unique stamp on every role. In the process, Cay has zero ego and encourages trying different methods and tools to explore what works best. Her experience is quite simply unparalleled – for stage, camera and especially the industry as a business – she’s a powerful secret weapon.

Matthew G. on Yelp:

Those who are willing to risk themselves artistically, and who are prepared to receive truthful criticism, will grow enormously under Cay’s teaching. If you are looking for a teacher to stroke your ego, look elsewhere. If you want to be challenged to really explore yourself as an artist, then you can’t do better than Caymichael Patten.

Celia M. on Yelp:

I studied with Cay in her advanced scene study class for two years and had a terrific experience. She is a smart, insightful responsible teacher who gave me real tools for auditions, rehearsals and performances. She also gave me the courage to relax and have fun on stage. … Sometimes her critiques can be tough to hear. However, she genuinely cares about her students, and about the future of American theatre. She appreciates hard working intelligent actors, and I especially recommend her to actors who, like me, have a tendency to over-think their work. She is very good at helping actors find “the moment.” She has a reputation as a sensational private coach, and I know a lot of actors who credit her with taking them to the next level in their careers. Over the two years that I studied with Cay, I lost several classmates to Broadway shows and other great jobs. Cay definitely improved my booking rate. However, I think the best part of her class is the sheer fun of connecting with a great play “for real for real.” If you are looking to live in the moment on stage, and you are ready to invest some solid time and energy, this class will blow your mind.

Melissa R. on Beginning Technique:

Valerie Kingston creates a warm, welcoming and safe class environment. She helps each student explore to find truth to their work through open honesty. There was never a moment I felt unsafe or judged in her class. Thanks to Valerie I can confidently look at sides or a script and know exactly what I’m doing and how I’m going to get there. One of the greatest things is the classes are small so you actually get time to get on your feet and WORK!

Adit D. on Beginning Technique:

Valerie Kingston’s beginner acting Classes focus on being truthful (whether you are doing an exercise, monologue or a scene) with an emphasis on staying “moment to moment”. What I valued most about my studies with Valerie was how perceptive she was helping me to find my sense of truth. It has helped make me a more grounded actor and studying with her gave me more confidence in my approach to my acting process. The best thing about class is that you get up to work every week either on individual exercises, monologues or scene work – as long as you come prepared!