Audiobook Narration


(To Be Scheduled)



Explore and reveal the emotional truth – your emotional truth – that powers the best audiobook narrations. This class is for actors interested in pursuing work as an audiobook narrator, as well as authors interested in narrating their own work.

We’ll do a deep dive into shaping winning reads – the ones that persuade authors to hire you to narrate their audiobooks and compel audiences to listen. We’ll develop the necessary skills for self-direction, analyze text for cues on tone and genre delivery (fiction and non-fiction), identify narrative point-of-view (and how to handle shifting POVs), and techniques for delineating characters. Production requirements for the major online audiobook platforms will be reviewed, and students will create their own online profiles. Practice narrations on microphone, get constructive critique of your work, and record samples to publish on ACX, Findaway Voices and other audiobook platforms.