Body Dynamics


FRIDAYS – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Meets once a week
(one 12 WEEK SESSION, from September 20 through December 13, 2019, with no class the night after Thanksgiving).



Body Dynamics™ works with the body’s muscular defense system in an organized, practical approach to body awareness. It is designed to free the actor’s body to its full range of emotional experience. You will work to identify and remove chronic muscular tension and learn the tools to free your body so that it becomes your friend and not your enemy. The work in class helps promote the flow of energy throughout the body, allowing more freedom, and strengthens the connection between emotions, thoughts and physical expression. This work changes how you view yourself and move through the world.

Class size is limited to 6 people, so naturally there is strong emphasis on individual attention. We are the only studio in the city where the original 12-week structure is being taught, and due to its cumulative nature, we ask that any classes missed be made up in a private session with a teaching assistant at the student’s expense.