The Audition Class


THURSDAYS – 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Meets once a week (8 WEEK SESSION)




The AUDITION CLASS is a group of 6-10 students, who have good professional training and are auditioning now in New York City.  (The class is a lab class, much more effective when you can try what you are learning within the group on the outside.)  ADMISSION TO CLASS IS BY INTERVIEW.  Students can work three times on each class date as the following three areas are covered in each session:

1. BUSINESS AND INTERVIEWS.  Students are asked to keep a journal of their interviews and auditions.  This journal is written up in a specific format, which is altered as the individual progresses.  The entries are read aloud in class.  The student gets notes and suggestions for changes in the format which will improve his or her performance in a given area.  We do exercises to help the student give a better interview.  The “business” aspect is discussed in each class and we devote an entire class to it towards the end of the session.

2. THE TEXT.  The student learns a method for handling the text that gets him or her deeply engaged quickly, emphasizes making the scene work and helps them organize their thinking and their time.  This method is progressive, involving a number of steps, one to be added when the former has been accomplished.  Sides are handed out and the student works the featured step as homework; then the scene is brought to class and auditioned.  Notes are given.  When these steps have been mastered, they constitute a Cold Reading Technique.  Then students will be given sides to be done as cold readings in class.

3. THE MONOLOGUE.  Time is reserved for monologue work during each class.  The student brings the monologue as if to rehearsal; Ms. Patten will give direction and guide the actor through his or her progress with the piece.  Ambitious students can leave the class with more than one piece in “sterling shape.”