Voice and Speech for the Actor


Voice and Speech for the Actor with Susan Finch will meet Tuesday afternoons, from 2 until 4, October 8th through November 12th.




In this ongoing six week course you will learn a series of fun and interactive exercises that will connect you with a free and open voice and give you clarity of articulation. Participants learn how to be heard and clearly understood, while being centered, connected and focused.  

During text work, the actor is given individual attention that is tailored to their specific needs. Since the course will focus on the individual as well as group breath work, new participants are welcome to join the class as they will be seamlessly integrated into the ensemble. 

You will learn:

*A warm-up – for use prior to performing, rehearsing and auditioning

*IPA – Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet, the basics of Standard American Speech

*Clear phrasing – operative words, strong and weak forms

*Vocal Variety – allowing full freedom of expression while remaining emotionally connected