Frederick C. Waggoner

Frederick C. Waggoner studied acting for a number of years with Cay. He has also studied with Susan Batson, and explored much about the physical instrument through Alexander and Feldenkrais work, the sensory exercises and Chekhov’s ‘Psychological Gesture’. He went through the acting program at The Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, currently is on the teacher roster at Black Nexus for Susan. Frederick has worked frequently in New York with the Common Basis Theatre Company, the daytime drama “One Life to Live” and also played Dr. Randall Adams on “As the World Turns” (a coroner from Canada!). In addition, he assistant directed Glengarry/Glen Ross at Steppenwolf for Amy Morton, who was nominated for a Tony for best actress for August/Osage County. He has recently done extensive work with Theatre Han. Their primary mission is to be that bridge that connects diverse cultures on the stage. He has done many readings with them and also directed Light in the Dark: Chekhov Shorts.