Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

This week I caught up with Tuesday afternoon’s class. Migina and Christina are working on a scene from SAVAGE IN LIMBO by John Patrick Shanley. They’re doing lovely work and really stretching themselves by playing against type. The play is set in the Bronx and Cay had this useful tip for working on the Bronx dialect. She suggested that the actors rehearse for a couple days consciously implementing the dialogue and then forget about it. The dialect will still be there, but it will be subtler and much more natural sounding.

Jonathan and I are working on a scene from BECKY SHAW by Gina Gionfriddo. I am playing Becky, a character that makes very quick manipulative changes throughout the scene to get what she wants. I was having trouble getting specific with my transitions and as a result my work was coming across as the same level throughout. To help me sharpen my transitions, Cay suggested a Second City exercise, where you move physically on every beat change. It was exhausting but fun and so helpful in illuminating how I need to approach the scene.

Laura and Max had a fantastic rehearsal of their scene from YOUR MOTHER’S BUTT by Alan Ball. Max plays an immature, fashion obsessed, therapy seeker and Laura, his fed-up psychiatrist. Laura was working on expressing more of the mounting frustration her character is experiencing. She had terrific success with this and it was hilarious to watch. Max was exploring how far he could take his behavioral choices in the scene. He found daring and hilarious behavior, throwing couch cushions, taking his shoes off and wrapping his head in a blanket like a little kid. Laura is leaving class to perform in SINGING IN THE RAIN in Ocean City, NJ. Congratulations to Laura, we’ll miss you!