Welcome back Fred and Drill Class

We are celebrating the return of Fred Waggoner at the studio, perhaps nobody more so than Max Meisel who finally has a place to go every Friday morning again. Every. Morning. Seriously, the guy never misses drill.

The first session back was just as challenging, just as eye-opening, and just as beautiful as all of Fred’s classes have been. As he likes to say himself, acting isn’t Therapy but it is therapeutic. Another little gem he dropped this week was this:

“I really dislike the saying that acting is reality. Acting isn’t reality. Acting is truthful. Reality is boring; if people wanted reality then they could go to the park and watch what happens there. And sometimes what happens at the park IS more interesting than what’s happing on a stage in this city! Truth is what acting is about, and truth can be heightened. Something heightened and not necessarily realistic can be VERY truthful.”

Welcome back Fred. We missed you dearly.

Drill is taught by Fred Waggoner Fridays 2:00-3:45 pm and Saturdays 10:00-11:45 am. In drill class we practice relaxation, getting in touch, sensory and repetition exercises.