When you’re ready to hear it.

One of the funny things about life as an artist in class is the number of times we seem to get the same note. And the number of times we seem to get the same note from varying teachers. How many times have you heard this conversation in class?

Teacher: “You need to be doing ________ .”

Outraged Actor: “I was doing ________!”

Guess what actors? In a total reversal of the “it’s not you, it’s me” dating paradigm….

It’s not them, it’s US. Because this isn’t dating. It’s class.

I have my own running list of notes that seem to be a theme for my work. Oh, how often I’ve stood on the stage thinking “YES! I’m doing it!” I’m not. And Cay can tell when I’m not. It’s her job to know when I’m not, and it’s my job to not get defensive about it. Which is why I go to class. It’s sort of masochistic awesome and it works. In class a few days ago I had a wonderful rehearsal on stage with my scene partner Laura, and afterwards I brought this up:

“It’s amazing how many times I can get the same note and not really hear it, and then at a rehearsal like this I suddenly understand.”

As soon as the words left my mouth they were affirmed by a crescendo of agreement from the class. Cay sat back in her chair and nodded in agreement.

“You hear it when you’re ready to hear it.”