About Us

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The Caymichael Patten Studio is about empowering actors — with artistry and technique, and with a realistic sense of how the business works. We’ve been offering private, professional classes to the working actor for more than 30 years. We’ll help you develop your craft and prepare for the business at the same time.

We’ve created an artistic home for actors with high aesthetic standards who work hard, value a variety of techniques and are committed to the solid use of the self. Here at Caymichael Patten Studio we strive to make a place for an actor with a work ethic and desire for artistry, who can come and go for jobs in the industry. An actor who, after he or she gets work, is disciplined enough to return to class and continue acquiring the skills they need to get more and better roles. An actor who wants recognition and financial success, but who also has something to say.

There are few places, if any, that balance the artistic demands of the business with those of the professional. We’re a small studio dedicated to developing actors with a sense of that balance. If you know that you need your intellect but don’t want to get stuck in your head; if you know you need to work hard and want someone to tell you what they see when you are up there; if you want someone to call you on your stuff but not have a rigid ideology about what the right stuff is and how to get it; if you know you have to live in your body and have access to your inner life; if you’re well trained but don’t know what you’re right for– we may be just the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is private coaching available?

Yes. Our teachers are available for individual work; please call the studio for prices and schedules.

Is auditing permitted?

Auditing doesn’t work for us.   It changes the nature of the class and doesn’t protect the students who are already studying here.  It’s usually not a problem, since admission to all the acting classes is by interview.  A prospective student will spend half an hour with the teacher and that usually gives everyone a chance to find out if they can work together.
We have recently added a student blog to the website, though, to give you a glimpse into Scene Study class.