Do You Give Good Audition?

Click True or False.

This is a shortened version of a test I give on the first day of Audition Class.

True  False I hate it when the auditor asks me, “What have you been doing lately?”
True  False I behave professionally and never waste the auditor’s time with chat about something other than the business.
True  False I let the auditor set the tone for the audition.
True  False If I can figure out what they want, I can give it to them.
True  False I repeat exactly what I did in the previous audition if I get called back.
True  False I hate people who sell themselves, but that’s what you have to do to get work.
True  False I have a hard time remembering the names of the  people conducting the audition.
True  False I feel good when I’ve shown my range during an audition.
True  False Acting in an audition isn’t real acting.
True  False If I had an agent with some clout, things would be a lot different.

I think the more often you answered “False”, the better off you are. This isn’t the forum to go into a lengthy discussion about why I think that, but class is.

If you answered “True” to a lot of these questions, if you’re not booking from your auditions, if your work isn’t up to par or if you know you’re either too passive or too defensive to see the business accurately, maybe the audition class is for you.